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Water damage to the ceiling

Water Damage From A Broken Pipe

When A broken water line above the ceiling damaged the tiles and created a potentially hazardous situation, SERVPRO arrived. Right away they began to remove the non-salvageable ceiling material and dry the structure. You can rely on SERVPRO for fast and courteous water damage cleanup and restoration.

Drying Machines ready for use and shoes on a counter top

Clearwater Water Damage Mitigation

Our SERVPRO technicians have many pieces of drying equipment that they can unleash in order to mitigate the water damage in your home. These green air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers are just some of the industry-grade gear available and stocked on our Green Fleet.

SERVPRO equipment drying a small room

Water Damage Gets Controlled Demo and Drying

This small Clearwater area had a large amount of water damage that required the removal of the flooring and baseboards due to seepage. Fortunately for the homeowner, wicking had not occurred in the walls. The air movers were able to remove the embedded moisture quickly and left the area dry.

Home with flood cuts and SERVPRO drying equipment

Some Times Small Scale Demo Is Needed For A Better Result

After major water damage in this home, SERVPRO technicians were able to extract the water and then scoped the property to determine how far into the sheetrock the water had gotten. Mold was found during this process and the techs performed the remediation at the same time. A large area of sheetrock and flooring needed removal so the drying process could be completed.

poly sheeting enclosing a room from ceiling to floor

Water Damage Restoration

The polyethylene sheeting help to provide a containment barrier that limits the volume of dehumidifying needed in this home. This technique will speed up the drying process and will help prevent secondary water damage like mold growth or the degradation of wallboards.

SERVPRO equipment in front of green service vehicle

Getting Ready For A Storm Damage Clean Up

Before SERVPRO technicians enter a troubled property to perform storm damage cleanup, a great deal of preparing goes on. The technicians pack up the cleaning agents, equipment, and supplies in their green SERVPRO service vans, including generators, if the power is out.

Dirty crawlspace filled with soil

Mold Found During A Demolition

Our SERVPRO crew has big plans for this crawlspace. This home's undercarriage will be treated to encapsulation to prevent water seepage and keep the crawlspace dryer. This will also provide a much healthier environment for the air that may infiltrate into the above living areas.

This is the drying process after a window leaked

The Leak Around A Window Causes Water Damage

Storm damage doesn't have to be sudden and dramatic. It can happen slowly over time from even tiny leaks. A slow leak in a window caused rotted flooring and mold growth in the wall. Fortunately, the trained technicians at SERVPRO are experienced in quickly drying and repairing this type of damage.

Open wall that shows mold and water stains

Mold And Water Damage

Moisture from a leak occurs in your home it can result in the demolition of non-salvageable materials. Your SERVPRO team recommends giving us a call as soon as you see any water staining. We can quickly mitigate the damage and save you time, money, and disruptions.

Pool house flooded due to a broken pipe

Broken Pool Pipe Causes Water Damage

This community recreation facility received severe water damage to the newly remodeled clubhouse after the pool pump sustained a broken pipe. SERVPRO made quick work of the clean-up, removing the excess water and repairing the damage allowing the clubhouse to reopen.

high winds topples tree on to the roof of this home

When A Tree Falls Causing Damage Call SERVPRO

Strong winds and heavy rains combined to topple this tree and created significant damage to this home. SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor is experienced at quickly removing fallen trees and repairing and restoring the damaged structures.

bathroom covered in soot and smoke damage.

Fire Damaged Bathroom Restored By SERVPRO

This bathroom was covered in soot and smoke stains after an intense fire. This bathroom needed immediate attention. The team at SERVPRO was quick to handle the fire damage They worked to clean and restore the bathroom back to pre-fire condition. The SERVPRO response is always rapid with the aim of mitigating the damage. We can get it done, so give us a call at 727-250-0330.


crystal bowls and cups experience heavy smoke damage

Crystal Damaged By Heavy Smoke

When you have a fire in your home the damage can be extensive. Even items that seem impervious may need some clean-up and care. SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor leaves no detail unattended while working to restore your home from fire and smoke damage.

Fire ravaged kitchen

Terrible Fire Damage Restored By SERVPRO

Kitchen fires can spread fast and can be extremely hot. They also leave a great deal of damage in their wake. As devastating as these fires can be for homeowners, the cleanup and restoration done by SERVPRO will bring beautiful results. "Like it never even happened," is more than a slogan. It's our minimum standard of results.

SERVPRO Team drying water damage at a utility company

Water Damage At A Commercial Building

A clogged drain and a faucet left open overnight combined to create a water damage emergency at this Tampa utility company. SERVPRO was there to provide the needed water removal and repair.

Water damaged shoe store.

Shoe Store Water Damage Dried Out

This retail shoe store suffered water damage in their storeroom. The shoes and boxes were susceptible to excess moisture, so SERVPRO was called in to quickly remove the water and dehumidify the stockroom. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Mold growth on a wall

Mold Damage To A Commercial Property

Don’t let a mold infestation destroy your property; Give SERVPRO a call! Our technicians are ready 24/7. SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor has the certified personnel, expertise, training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

 Mulitiple water damage drying units deployed at a utility company

No Matter How Large The Disaster SERVPRO Can Handle It!

Whether it is small-scale property damage or large-scale commercial property disaster SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor is there to handle it. This utility company suffered major water damage when water was left running all night. This large-scale damage was quickly and easily handled.

air mover and dehumidifier in a bathroom

Water Damage In A Motel Bathroom

When your business springs a leak, SERVPRO can breakout the drying equipment to swiftly remove the dampness and repair any damage. In this motel, the sprinkler system activated inadvertently, but our crew minimalized the disruptions to the guests and the water was quickly removed. When you have a disaster on your hands just give SERVPRO a call.

concrete pad, two foot high cut out of drywall damaged by flood

Controlled Demolition Of A Flood Damaged Home

After water damaged this home, our skilled SERVPRO techs removed all the groundwater and then performed a controlled demolition, removing only the damaged drywall. At SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor we work hard to mitigate damage by drying out the uncontaminated wallboard above the flood line saving the customer from having to replace the entire wall. 

Water being removed by professionals At SERVPRO

When Water Damages Your Home Call The Professionals

At SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor we responded quickly to a water damage emergency. Our professionals use the latest in cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to restore this property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor has the knowledge and training to make it “Like it never even happened.”

A Fire Damaged Bath room

When Fire Damages Your Home SERVPRO Is There For You

When a fire damage disaster hits your home, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor. Our fire damage team is ready 24/7 to respond to your call. SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor has the training, equipment, and experience to restore your Clearwater home to pre-damage condition. 

Mold remediation in process

Attention to Detail is Critical In Mold Damage Remediation

When you're dealing with mold damage in our humid environment, every detail has to be carefully attended to. You want to make sure you work with a company that has the experience and the proven processes to completely solve your problem. That's why people who know choose SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor